How To Fight Small Cell Carcinoma

Maintaining good health means to ward off lethal  cancer and this is where we should know about small cell carcinoma. It is quite hazardous to your health. So if you know about the causing factors it will be  easier for you to combat the ill effects  it has upon your health. The  disease is very prevalent in heavy chain smokers and people who work outside and are  exposed to a lot of dust particles.

If you have the mild form of small cell carcinoma, the disease is confined to your bronchial tract and lungs. However in an expanded form of the disease, the cancer cells make their way outside these areas and spread to more of the body parts. So it is preferable to stop and prevent this disease as soon as possible.

Small Cell Carcinoma

The symptoms of small cell carcinoma are nothing out of the ordinary as compared to the different kinds of lung cancer. They include breathlessness, coughing, wheezing  and   general respiratory problems. In most cases the patient is found to have a lost a lot of weight as compared to the normal standards. The treatment procedures should be started as rapidly as possible to avoid any kind of health problems. You can use drugs and medications to treat this small cell carcinoma and the other kind of treatment is through chemotherapy.

Actually with drug use the disease may be temporarily curbed but there are full chances of a relapse. The use of chemotherapy as is known has a severe mental impact upon the patient along with being excruciatingly painful in physical terms. Extreme nausea and severe hair loss are two of the common symptoms associated with chemotherapy.

Small cell carcinoma is so severe that it spreads to the lungs and kidney and then makes its way to the brain which is a horrifying prospect. Don’t ever opt for surgery as that is not a good option at all with an extremely low rate of patient survival. The lung cancer initiatives cannot be seen on the X-Ray levels as they are so minute so it is again very difficult to get a proper diagnosis.

More On Small Cell Carcinoma

If you cough blood or sport a bloated neck or face it is time to get an expert opinion as these are some of the signs of small cell carcinoma. If possible and detected early, don’t let the cells become full fledged cancer tumours but get them treated in the best way possible. Early treatment has its fair share of merits although it does not guarantee a successful recovery. The most important thing is to regain your mental strength, although that is certainly easier said than done.

Conclusion On Small Cell Carcinoma

This content provides some general views about the disease but if it is a updated information you wish for, the health websites are the best bets. Don’t forget that small cell carcinoma is a fatal disease and the earlier you get it detected and treated, the better it is for your health.



Small Cell Carcinoma – Symptoms and Treatment

Small cell carcinoma is one among the deadly cancer that is very much difficult to be treated with. This type of cancer appears as a lung cancer that can occur mostly in men when compared with women. Men who smoke and drink have high chances of developing a cancer. The tiny dust particles that are inhaled and exhaled by everyone can even turn into a cancer. This type can be categorized into two namely the limited and the extensive ones. A limited type has only the bronchial tract and the lungs affected by cancer while the extensive type has the cancer cells spread all over the outer region of the chest.

Common symptoms:

This type of disease is one among the types of lung cancer and the symptoms are quite similar to the lung cancer. People who are affected by this type of cancer are said to have the following symptoms. They may experience problems in breathing, coughing and wheezing. Coughing occurs in the severe cases. The patient can be found to be in an underweight. Weight loss can happen within the two or three months of the initial stage. Excess production in sputum can be found in the early stages. Detecting it in the early stage can make the patient get treated and cured of the deadly disease. Unusual tiredness appears with people who are in the initial stages of a cancer. Swelling around the neck or on the face can be found during the day and night. Some people can have heavy sweating at night time while lying on their bed.

Smokers are the ones who develop a lung cancer for themselves. This is a universally accepted fact; yet, women who smoke a small amount experience the major risk of developing a lung cancer. The nicotine and alcohol can affect the female body more when compared with the male. This happens as major numbers of female are born in this world with a lower immune level. Smoking can damage all the internal organs of a person irrespective of a male or female. Although there are many possible ways to cure lung cancer, the curing part depends upon the body condition of a person. If a person is healthy enough to get operated for cancer, then they have the possible ways to live in this world. People with an unusual weight and fat cannot be operated and heavy risk is involved while killing the cancer cells.


Chemotherapy is the most famous and the possible way to kill the cancer cells in a body. Chemotherapy involves no knife and other sharp objects to tear the skin and treat the cancer patients. This type of therapy passes a radiation inside the patient without tearing the skin. It kills the cancer cells and makes sure that they don’t appear in the near future. Although some of the normal cells are affected by using Chemotherapy, the patient can retrieve by maintaining a healthy diet after the treatment. Small cell carcinoma can be treated and cured in the present generation, yet, it’s in the hands of the people to maintain a healthy lifestyle to prevent the cancer cells from affecting their body.